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1. Our escort agencies operate from 1pm to 11pm, 7 days a week.

2. Our Singapore escorts and models are available for booking at all 5 stars hotels only.

3. Please call or SMS (Text messages), +65 83517370 to make a booking. We will be most happy to answer queries on the phone. We will reply you back upon receive of your SMS. We do not entertain Private Number.

4. All communication and information will be kept strictly confidential. We will need your full name, contact number, your convenient time and the exact address (room number) where you require the escort's services.

5. Please do have the correct amount of money ready before your escort or model arrives. Your payment is to be made by cash (Singapore Currency) only. Please make payment with the girl when she arrives. Please do take note that the minimum is $2000 or $3000.

6. Any cancellation, rejection or replacement will be subjected to a surcharge of $300 for transportation and time inconveniences. We take pride in the quality of escorts we provide, thus we do not welcome rejections.

7. Our escorts offer their time, companionship and private experience for your personal private leisure, social or business engagements. Please let us know if you have any special requirements.

8. All our escorts and models are Singaporean. We only have Singapore girls here. We do not fake their nationality.

9. Our escort agencies do not show or send our escorts and models photo in order to maintain the privacy and dignity of our escorts. We trust in your kind understand the reason for the confidentiality. You can be assured of the quality of our escorts without seeing pictures.

10. Please tell us the age group, ethic group, body type, other physical expectations, the importance of language ability and other specific requirements. We will send you an escort that is available accordingly to your budget, expectations and timing. We guarantee the quality and you can reject if you don't like what you see. We only recruit the young, gorgeous and good educational background students, graduates, models and office ladies.

11. Our escort services are meant for adult entertainment. Whatever agreed and consented are between 2 adults of legal age and money exchanged is for companionship only. Whatever engagements that happen behind closed doors are between 2 consenting adults and our agencies have no part in it. Neither is the escort allowed to negotiate nor solicit for any more money for any other services.






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